"Alpha Females Unleashed: From the Boardroom to the Bedroom is very different in terms of the type of book and the topic it covers. It brings Alpha Females to the forefront and sheds a huge light on who and how Alpha Females are. As a reader, you must come in reading Alpha Females Unleashed with a very open mind in knowing that it is rather fun and informative, and not just another story. This book allows its readers to look at Alpha Females positively. If you’re looking to change your perception of Alpha Females or want to change your way of how you look at Alpha Females, then I recommend Alpha Females Unleashed: From the Boardroom to the Bedroom. C.C. Lyons truly took the time out to delve into Alpha Females. This book will make (at least it should) any Alpha Female who once felt bad about being an Alpha Female feel great about who they are."
"Alpha Females Unleashed is an Awesome Read, this books definitely takes you on a journey to see how many Alpha Females are treated in various cultures, and various job levels. I think that when it comes to Alpha Females they have always been looked at in a negative way. This book allows you to look into the what its like being an Alpha Female and how others around you react towards them. Author CC Lyons was able to captivate the image of the Alpha Female how she can be Bold, Daring and Courageous but also, Sexy and Appealing. Looking forward to more from Author CC Lyons!"
Bianco FLy
Host of The Beautiful Butterfly Show
"While giving me the opportunity to reflect, the book was an interesting read as to An overview of interactions throughout life."
Twice An Ace
"Gotta give it up to CC Lyons for writing a fantastic book, Alpha Females Unleashed. I even caught my husband reading it. If you need a good book for your book club or just want a new read, order yours today."
Kindle Customer
"Ladies and Gents!! Ready to be unleashed?? This is a refreshing read into the psyche of an Alpha Female. This book dispels the negativity surrounding an Alpha Female and embraces the many facets of the Alpha Female. Do you want to find out more? Ready to be bold? Ready to walk in awareness? Be ready for mind to be awakened and you to be you."
Kendra B
Host of The Beautiful Butterfly Show
"CC Lyons has a winner! What a way to get exposed to the Alpha Female."
Mercury R. Hall
"Truth and nothing but the truth. Someone finally recognized how deep the Alpha Female goes. Great read."
Honey Mama
"Love this book! Insightful, well researched and entertaining"
"This was an eye-opening read."